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Valuation Services

Since valuation is a key service that is integral in the financing of vehicles and other equipment, the LOLC Motors Valuation Unit was established in 2008 to provide reliable valuation services that would maintain quality standards and utilise resources available around the island. Our team comprises a group of qualified, experienced valuers who have contributed with their extensive technical knowledge so that reliable valuations can be issued. Our services include: 

  • Comprehensive and Trusted Valuation Reports - Our valuers are capable of issuing reports for all types of vehicles, earth moving equipment, agricultural vehicles and machines such as forklifts.
  • Blacklisted Vehicles - We maintain and update a database of forged vehicles with their chassis numbers in order to safeguard clients and financial institutions who face the problem of forged vehicles.  
  • Auction and Yard Valuation - In the case of auctions and tenders, our valuation team possesses the resources and capacity to complete mass numbers of vehicle valuations.  
  • After Repair Inspections -  These services are offered to those who wish to determine the road-worthiness of a vehicle as well as to those who wish to verify if vehicle repairs have been properly carried out.
  • Advisory Services for Quick Decision Making – We offer advisory services and opinions on - technical aspects, the value based on vehicle categories, the used value of vehicle categories, future estimated values, trends, regulation aspects and duty structures.
  • Training - Our valuers are capable of providing training to officials of financial institutions and insurance companies, to assist them in accurate decision-making in the financing of vehicles and equipment.

                          LASL Registration number – V/LASL/084

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